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Pan Con Bistec - The sound and rhythm of Miami Jazz

Sometimes different foods can be associated to a particular sound. What would a halapeno pepper sound like as appose to an avocado? In this case, there's no question about the sound of Pan Con Bistec: sensational Latin Jazz band with a Cuban soul and heart of Miami's sound.

Baila Salsa for Dancing feet Pan con Bistec Miami Salsa Sound for Dancing Feet


Pan Con Bistec is lead by founder Bobby Ramirez, one of the Miami's most prolific and charismatic Jazz musician, saxophonist, flautist, composer and arranger.

For over 30 years as a performing artist, Bobby Ramirez's creative artistic endeavors have had a significant impact on audiences worldwide, as well as helping to define the Florida Jazz sound.

A powerful performer and improviser on the saxophone and flute, Ramirez holds a firm command of the language of jazz drawing from an intensive vocabulary of colorful sounds and rhythms, as well as equally capable with his skills as a jazz composer and arranger.


Since the start of his career, making a positive impact on people's lives through music and the arts has been a guiding principle in Bobby's life. While Ramirez keeps a busy schedule of performances, he has donated his time and talent to many local South Florida charities.

Mr. Ramirez is the Founder and President of the non-profit Jazzonian - Jazz Museum of Florida and Executive Director of the South Florida Jazz Summit. In 2011, Mr. Ramirez founded the Jazzonian Young Jazz Leaders initiative that includes a scholarship fund for gifted Jazz musicians.

In 2011, a point of high achievement for Bobby was helping to establish the Jazz concert series at the Arts Garage in Delray Beach, Florida.

"Bobby Ramirez is one of the best flutists and saxophonists from Cuba. His recording (Pan Con Bistec) is an example of a new and fresh sound in Latin Jazz fusion." Elvira Dominguez, El Diario La Prensa (NYC)

"If this stirring little hurricane of an album is any indication, Ramirez may one day inherit Dave Valentin's throne as top Latin flute player." Jonathan Widran, AM

"Ramirez exhibits the strength found in some of the already established Latin Jazz musicians." Egidio Leitao, JazzTimes Magazine

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