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Danzonete – Rompiendo La Rutina letra lyrics composed by Cuban musician, saxophonist born in Matanzas, Cuba Aniceto Diaz. He is the creator of the Danzonete (a genre of Cuban music that is considered an offspring from the classic Cuban Danzón) first performed on July 8th, 1929 at a place named Casino Español in Matanzas Cuba. The Dansonete was a fusion of traditional Cuban danzón musical elements with Cuban Son which included a Montuno section plus added vocal parts; which later evolved into the Charanga.

Letra de Danzonete - Rompiendo La Rutina

Danzonete – Rompiendo La Rutina

Allá en Matanza se a creado
un Nuevo baila de salon

Con un compass muy bien marcado
Y una Buena harmonizacion

Para las fiestas del gran mundo
De la elegancia y distinccion

Sera el Bailable preferido
Por su dulce inspiracion

Danzonete…prueva y vete
Yo quiero bailar contigo
All compass del danzonete

Flute improv…

Matanzero, tengo un brete
Yo quiero gozar contigo
All compass del danzonete

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RITMO!PALOOZA® is a Florida entertainment attraction that was the first self-contained experiential Latin Theme special event to seamlessly incorporate all 5 senses while merging entertainment and decorations as part of its overall presentation, instantly engaging every individual from its audience in a personal way. Available at all major cities in Florida, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, West Palm Beach, Key West, Jacksonville, Naples, Boca Raton and other!