Miami Conga RITMO! D COMPARSA Hora Loca

Cuban themed party
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MIAMI RITMO! - Dancing Samba in Miami - Experience Samba Carnival in Miami

Miami Florida has a tropical ambiance the is hot and cool which makes for the perfect setting for a fantastic Miami Samba carnival Show.

Experience the hot Miami Samba carnival rhythm. Learn some Miami Samba dancing at a local school. Be part of Miami Samba carnival experience.


The Miami Samba Batucada rhythm of the night remains cool. But the Miami Samba is still fast and caliente rhythm that gets everyone dancing Samba in Miami.

Beautiful dancing samba in Miami showgirls entertain which the party keeps moving and everyone is dancing samba in Miami.

Experience the passion and energy of RITMO! BRAZIL as part of your special event in Sarasota, Florida. Amazing samba dancers and Batucada drummers will transform your special event into a Brasil dancing Carinival Miami




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RITMO!PALOOZA® is a Florida entertainment attraction that was the first self-contained experiential Latin Theme special event to seamlessly incorporate all 5 senses while merging entertainment and decorations as part of its overall presentation, instantly engaging every individual from its audience in a personal way. Available at all major cities in Florida, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, West Palm Beach, Key West, Jacksonville, Naples, Boca Raton and other!

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